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School Council - Mood Spheres

Members of St Pauls Catholic Junior School council have been discussing the pressures of school life, mental health in adults and children and the expectations the younger generation now face from society.

Our School council want to make an impact and create change. Through pupil voice, we have decided to provide a service where children at St Paul’s can talk to each other and feel like they are listened to. Following on from this, our councillors wanted to create something that people can hold when they are feeling pressure and worries in and out of school.

‘Mood Spheres’ are fun, vibrant and sensory items which are made by hand with love and support. We believe that supporting each other as a school community is vital therefore any money we raise from this small business project will be used to provide facilities in our school garden.

Researchers have found that planting a beautiful gardening can be a great way to relieve stress and this positive impact can boost people’s mood, reduce symptoms of anxiety and improve attention span in everyday life.


Click HERE for powerpoint presentation