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If you would like a paper copy of the information on our website, please contact the school office. This will be provided free of charge.

Visions and Values

 St Paul's Junior School Mission Statement


Learning from the example of Jesus
Our school will be a place
 Where everyone feels loved
Valued and encouraged
To be and do the best they can

Aims of the School


The general aims of the school are:
  • To promote our core values: Be Kind. Be Respectful. Be Resilient. 
  • To deepen our children’s knowledge, experience and understanding of the world around them, moving from engaged to invested.
  • To promote and foster a culture of positive mindset and well-being.
  • To enable a child to be an active participant in society and to make positive contributions; recognising that everyone has a voice.
  • To work alongside the Parishes of St. Paul’s and St. Timothy’s to provide the foundation for a Catholic way of life in an environment of caring relationships built upon Gospel values.

Cultural Capital at St Paul's Catholic Junior School