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School Uniform

School Uniform
It is school policy for all pupils to wear the school uniform, and parents are asked to support the school in maintaining a high standard of appearance.
Our uniform consists of –
Winter Uniform: Grey shorts, white shirt, school tie, bottle green jumper.
Summer Uniform: Grey shorts, white polo shirt, bottle green jumper
Winter Uniform: Grey skirt, white shirt, school tie, bottle green jumper or cardigan.
Summer Uniform: Green & white gingham dress, bottle green jumper or cardigan.
Shoes: Sensible black shoes are to be worn in School. Trainers are not allowed.
PE Uniform
Boys: Gold/amber T-shirt and green shorts.
Girls: Gold/amber T-shirt, bottle green wrap-around skirt or green shorts. These items can be purchased from Brienda’s, Muirhead Avenue.
Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s name and class. It is each pupil’s responsibility to look after their own clothing and identification of any particular items of clothing is impossible without clear labelling.