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Merit Awards 20th January 2017

Year 3

Class 3L - Afsa and Ruby
Class 3S - Thomas and April
Class 3W - Jacob and Joseph
Class 3F - George and Sofia

Year 4

Class 4S - Isobel and Jake
Class 4E - Ned and Jodi
Class 4F - Kiera and Ethan
Class 4Y - Philippa and Niamh

Year 5

Class 5G - Grace and Abbi
Class 5PT - Henry and Max
Class 5A - Juanita and Joe
Class 5C - Shea and Joel

Year 6

Class 6C - Grace and Katie
Class 6O'C - Elliot and Noor
Class 6B - Tom and Yvie
Class 6P - Ruby and Anna