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Merit Awards - 15th January 2016

Year 3

Class 3S - Grace and Aiden
Class 3L - Benitta and Isabella
Class 3C - David and Kiera
Class 3F - Abbie and Caleb


Year 4


Class 4S - Jack and Luis
Class 4E - Louie and Darcy
Class 4F - Lillie and Libby
Class 4Y - Charlie and Rebecca


Year 5


Class 5G - Aimee and Harry
Class 5T - Laura and Chris
Class 5A - Faye and Olivia
Class 5C - Jamie and Abel


Year 6


Class 6C - Maddie and Cory
Class 6O'C - Aidan and Ryan
Class 6B - Mia and Eve
Class 6P - James and Harrison