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Merit Awards 15th April 2016

Year 3

Class 3L - Jamie and Frankie
Class 3S - Freddie and Sky
Class 3C - Louis and Lydia
Class 3F - Ava and Ben

Year 4

Class 4S - Millie and Rhys
Class 4E - Luke and Abbie
Class 4F - Lola and Frank
Class 4Y - Evie and Sonny

Year 5

Class 5G - Josh and Isabella
Class 5T - Katy and Reece
Class 5A - Elliot and Shea
Class 5C - Matthew and Harry

Year 6

Class 6C - Ebony and Max
Class 6O'C - Sophie and Kieran
Class 6B - Jessica and Jacob
Class 6P - Harry and Jodi