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Children may choose to take a cooked meal, bring their own packed lunch, or go home for their midday meal.

At St Paul’s, meals are of a very high standard. They are freshly prepared and cooked on the school 
premises. The cost of a school meal is £1.90 per day (£9.50 per week).  Cheques to be made payable to St Paul’s Junior School. Please write the pupil’s name on the back and their pin number and place in the box situated in the reception area.

Families may be eligible for free school meals; details and forms are available from Liverpool City Council or any One Stop Shop.

A Cashless System is in use whereby children use either their ’fingerprint’ or a pin number to pay for meals.  Money is paid into the re-valuation machine situated in the reception area.   Children place their finger onto the till situated in the canteen when they arrive for lunch.   It has proven to be a very efficient way of collecting and recording lunch monies.

Parents must state in writing if they wish their child to go home for lunch.  This is essential, as it is 
necessary to know if any child is being withdrawn at lunch time.

Children who stay in school whether for hot meals or packed lunches must remain on the premises for the whole of the lunch break.

Pupils who bring in packed lunches should have a suitable container. marked with their name and class. GLASS BOTTLES OR CANNED DRINKS SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT INTO SCHOOL. 
Chewing gum and sweets are not allowed.

School meals are provided by Food for Thought(Merseyside)Ltd. is a unique 'not for profit' healthy school meals caterer. It is a company owned and managed by its partner schools with any surplus created being re-invested in our local community schools