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School Council

St. Paul's School Council consists of 16 pupils; one pupil representative from each class. The Council meet on a regular basis. They have Upper School meetings (Years 5 and 6) which are held by Mrs. Tinkler and Lower School meetings (years 3 and 4) which are held by Miss Yeo. In these meetings the Councillors get to put forward any issues or ideas which they or the pupils in their class would like to raise. They also get to discuss specific agendas which have been brought to the meeting by the Teacher in charge. Everything is then fed back to the Councillor's class pupils.  
The children are also involved in the Liverpool City Lower and Upper House Schools' Parliament which involves School Councillors from all over Liverpool meeting together to discuss various topics. One of our School Councillors has recently been elected as a Junior Lord Mayor of Liverpool, in one of these meetings, by the Schools' Parliament. This will involve him working alongside the Lord Mayor of Liverpool throughout 2015, I fantastic opportunity and experience!