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Merit Awards - 26th June 2015

Year 3

Class 3S - Sophie and Aimie li
Class 3L - Rebecca, Ethan and Charlie
Class 3B - Megan and Emily
Class 3P - Libby and Frank

Year 4

Class 4S - Laura and Sean
Class 4E - Charlie and Lili Ella
Class 4F - Daniel and Alicia
Class 4Y - Isabella and Bailey

Year 5

Class 5G - Josie and Kiera
Class 5T - Francesca and Sam
Class 5A - Ava and Luke
Class 5C - Jake and Aidan

Year 6

Class 6O'C - Dan and Beth
Class 6P - Ellie and James
Class 6B - Eve and Alfie
Class 6C - Dylan and Isabelle