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Attendance Target for all Children

Attendance Target for all Children.”
Please use the link provided to view the letter to parents from the Director of Children and Young People’s Services regarding attendance.
From September 2015 the Government has changed the attendance target in England. Every child is now expected to have a minimum attendance of 97%.
You may also be aware the Government requires schools to measure attendance by ‘Persistent Absenteeism’, which is defined as the number of times your child is absent during the year.
A pupil who is persistently absent is one who misses 10% or more of their schooling for any reason, from the beginning of the school year to the end of any given half term period as indicated below. Please note that one session is equivalent to half a day.
Terms Persistent Absence at 10% Number of days off school
September – October   7 or more sessions 3.5 days
September – Christmas 14 or more sessions 7 days
September  - February   20 or more sessions 10 days
September – Easter 25 or more sessions 12.5 days
September – May 31 or more sessions 15.5 days
Mr Luck will be closely  monitoring the attendance of all children this year, with a particular focus on the children who would have triggered the 10% persistent absence figure last year.
I know I can count on your support to ensure that our children are in school, so that they can reach their true potential.
Edward Flood