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Desert Island reads



Each week we are going to be abandoning a staff on a desert island (that’s the good news!), but we are only going to allow them to take 3 books with them (that’s the bad news!).  They can choose two adult books and one children’s book


Our castaway this week is teacher Miss Fearns.  Here are her reading recommendations:
For adults:
1) 'Pillars of the Earth.' by Ken Follett- 'It's based around the lives of the people who come and go as a Cathedral is being built.'
2) 'The Dandelion Years' by Erica James - 'I like it because it is two stories linked and as you read more and more the links start to appear.'
For children:
'The Diary of the Killer Cat' by Anne Fine - 'It's a very funny story.  I've never met a child who doesn't like it.'